Course: Basics of Technical English Course Code: 1425

Semester: Spring, 2012 Level: BS

Total Marks: 100 Pass Marks: 40

(Units: 15)

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Q.1 Read chapter 1 and explain the term technical writing? Enlist and discuss the major traits of technical writing in detail. (20)

Q.2 a) What are memos? Describe the major elements of memos. (10)
b) Write a memo to inform the authority about the problems faced by AIOU computer centre regarding the installation of new equipment in the centre. (10)

Q.3 Read Chapter 12 on the applications of technical writing and do the following.
a) Define informal reports. (10)
b) How informal reports are different from memos? Discuss the two types of informal reports in detail. (10)

Q.4 Suppose you are working in an office where excessive load shedding affects the performance of workers/employees of the office. There is an arrangement of a generator but its capacity is lower than the actual demand. Write an internal proposal to cope with the problem so that the office work could be done smoothly. While writing the proposal, identify the problem, its back ground, significance of the problem, its solution and other components of the proposal. (20)

Q.5 There is a job of computer assistant in the head office of a multinational company situated in Islamabad. The requirement for the job is BCS. Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply. Write a resume showing your entire professional strengths keeping in view the job requirement so that you may be short listed for an interview. (Read Chapter 20) (20)

(Units: 69)

Total Marks: 100 Pass Marks: 40

Q.1 Appendix-A of the book would help you to answer this question related to the correct sentence structure. Clear understanding has a direct link with correct construction of sentences. There are many types of wrong sentence construction. Discuss only four of them with examples showing the wrongly constructed sentences and their correct forms. (20)

Q.2 Read Chapter 7 and describe:
a) How visual aids are important to provide a graphic look to the information in technical writing. (10)
b) How visual aids are created and discussed? (10)

Q.3 In spoken forms of a language, pauses, tone, intonation, rise and fall of a tone and stress not only make the communication impressive but also make it intelligible. In written form, this is done with punctuation. Discuss four punctuation signs and their uses showing how their proper use brings clarity in a message? You may consult Appendix-A for help. (20)

Q.4 Planning a document is one of the essentials of technical writing process. What are the various steps involved at planning stage? Discuss in detail. Chapter 3 of the book will give you an insight into the writing process. (20)

Q.5 Many referencing methods are used by the researchers. Discuss APA method and its usage in detail. Refer to Appendix-B in this regard. (20)