CS601 data communication assignment no 2 spring 2011

Question 1: [5]
Match the following to one of the five layers.
a. Route determination
b. Flow control
c. Interface to physical world
d. Provide access to the network for the end users
e. Packet switching
Question 2: [5]
If the throughput at the connection between the device and transmission medium is 5 Kbps,
how long does it take to send 400,000 bits out of this device?
Question 3: [5]
Give the Signal level for each line encoding from following.
a. Unipolar
b. NRZ-L
c. NRZ-I
d. RZ
e. AMI
Lectures Covered: This assignment covers Lecture # 08-17
Your assignment must be uploaded/submitted till Tuesday 03 May, 2011.

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