MKT501 Mid Term Papers Spring 2011

Mkt 501 on 15 May 2011

Total 32 questions

28 mcqs

4 subjective

List any five characteristics of brand name?    5 marks

Explain concept testing?    3 marks

Why do companies use discounts and allowances? 3 marks

A case was related to conjoint analysis which I forget? 5 marks

Question No: 18 ( Marks: 1 ) – Please choose one

Which of the following is also known as functional branding?

► Economy branding

► Co-branding

► Family branding

► Individual branding


Question No: 25 ( Marks: 1 ) – Please choose one

A company wants prompt payment from the customers. What type of discount

will be suitable for the company?

► Seasonal discount

► Trade discount

► Quantity discount

► Cash discount

A seller wants payment from buyer within 10 days of sales (whereas customer

can made payment within 30 days) and offers 4% discount if payment is made

within 10 days. What type of cash discount will be suitable?

► 4/10 net 30

► 10/4 net 30

► 10/30 net 4

► 4/30 net 10

Question No: 27 ( Marks: 1 ) – Please choose one

Which of the following markets involve decisions such as: what country to enter

in, how to enter, how to adopt their product and services and how to price?

► Consumer markets

► Business markets

► Global markets

► Non profit markets

Question No: 37 ( Marks: 1 ) – Please choose one

A customer requirement about any product in which he/ she needs to avail core

features in that product, is called:

► Real need

► Stated need

► Unstated need

► Delighted need

Question No: 39 ( Marks: 1 ) – Please choose one

Which of the following is NOT a distribution decision?

► Inventory management

► Personal selling

► Warehousing

► Distribution centers

Question No: 6 ( Marks: 1 ) – Please choose one

Which of the following is the leak-proof packaging that provides additional protection for

the primary container?


► Primary packaging

► Secondary packaging

► Transport packaging

► Decorative packaging

Ref: Secondary packaging: Leak-proof packaging that provides additional

protection for the primary receptacle(s); it may include absorbent material

Question No: 16 ( Marks: 1 ) – Please choose one

Which of the following is NOT a type of innovation strategy?

► Pioneers

► Challengers

► Close followers

► Late followers

Question No: 20 ( Marks: 1 ) – Please choose one


According to the societal marketing concept, who is most involved in deciding what

needs and wants are good for consumers in the long run?


► The organization itself

► The individual consumers

► Competitive forces

► Marketing researchers


The “convenience goods” in the industrial market are:

► Operating supplies

► Components parts

► Industrial computers

► Accessory equipment


Question No: 7 (Marks: 1) – Please choose one

Identify the commercialization decision which includes decisions regarding

locality, region, nationally or even internationally launching the product.

► Why to launch the product?

► How to launch the product?

► Where to launch the product?

► When to launch the product?


A business wants to create the awareness about the features and befits of the

product in the market. Which of the following decisions are important to achieve

the goal?

► Price decisions

► Place decisions

► Promotion decisions

► Product decisions

Question No: 2 ( Marks: 1 ) – Please choose one

The building, holding, and harvesting are the types of:

► Innovation strategy

► Aggressiveness strategy

► Diversification strategy

► Market dominance strategy


Presenting the product concept to appropriate target consumers and getting their

reactions, describes which of the following options?

► Concept development

► Concept testing

► Commercialization

► Concept trial

Question No: 9 ( Marks: 1 ) – Please choose one


While considering the place for a product which of the following is important for


► Communication

► Convenience

► Customer cost

► Customer solution


Which of the following best describes the definition of marketing mix?

► The way product is priced

► The way product are arranged in the stores

► The way business elements are combined to meet the needs of customers

► The way business distribute the products in the market


The firm objective in the introductory stage of the product life cycle is to:

► Extend the cycle as long as possible

► Improve warranty terms and service availability

► Emphasize market segmentation

► Stimulate demand for the product


Based on pricing objectives, a general guideline that is intended for use in specific

pricing decision is called:

► A product line

► A pricing policy

► A strategic pricing

► An objective pricing


Which of the following is NOT a part of a broad environment?

► Economy

► Corporate culture

► Technology

► Demographics


Identify the major components of the microenvironment.

► Company, suppliers, , customer markets, political forces, competitors and


► Company, suppliers, intermediaries,technological forces , competitors and

customer markets

► Company, suppliers, intermediaries, customer markets, competitors, and social


► Company, suppliers, intermediaries, customer markets, competitors, and publics


Question No: 14 ( Marks: 1 ) – Please choose one

An advertising company’s ownership of radio, television and newspapers is an example


► Backward vertical integration

► Forward vertical integration

► Horizontal integration

► Vertical integration

Question No: 16 ( Marks: 1 ) – Please choose one

Marketing management is a broader term and it covers which of the following?

► Marketing mix management

► Demand management

► Marketing process management

► All of the given options


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