FIN623 Taxation Management GDB No.1 Solution Spring Semester 2013

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Last Date: 30 April 2013

Discussion Question

Taxation has been playing a vital role irrespective of economic structure ever since the introduction of currency. Taxation has been the main source of revenue for any country in order to run its operation smoothly. To achieve the progression and growth in economy, every country adopts different types of taxes along with their positive and negative aspects.

In Pakistan, The government has adopted different types of taxes including direct taxes, indirect taxes, regressive taxes and progressive taxes based upon different canons of taxation. It is an admitted fact by economists that different types of taxes are suitable for different economic structures. For instance, direct taxes may prove suitable for one economy while the same may result in a failure of other economy. While considering the above stated facts; You are required to comment which type of tax is more suitable in a country like Pakistan, justify your answer along with its potential benefits.

Note: Complete your comments within 100 word