In order to fulfill the needs of educational institutes & potential teachers, NTS proudly announces the National Teachers Database (NTD) in collaboration with leading educational institutes.

NTD is a standardized recruitment test for potential and existing faculty, teaching, at national level. The program is expected to provide valuable services to the NTD Associates and Potential Teachers.

The salient features of NTD are:

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Provide an opportunity to the teachers for improving their rating every quarter.
Certify teachers in their choice of subjects at district level.
Provide better employment opportunities to fresh / experienced teachers.
Provide a solid base for improvement of primary and secondary education, by assessing and evaluating teachers in subjects of their expertise.
Maintain national database at district and provincial level.
Provide free of cost access to NTD associates for selection of suitable candidates.
* Validity of Test Score is "Two Years".

* NTS-NTD Associates will preferably employ "NTS Certified Teachers".