Asma has feeling of disinterest with reference to her education, family and friends, it indicates which type of behavior.

d)All of he given options

Two-income couples can manage the challenges of life if they:

a)Divide household tasks equitably
b)Establish priorities and manage time carefully
c)Deal with feeling of competitiveness
d)All of the given options

Which one of the following is NOT the sphere of life and happiness?

a)Financial health
b)Emotional superficial states
c)Work and career
d)Spiritual life or belief system

“Human relationships are based mainly on self-interest” is the focus point of:

a)Balance theory
b)Social exchange theory
c)Need theory
d)Trait theory

To succeed in your career, you should not:

a)Continue to learn new things
b)Accept challenges
c)Become a workaholic
d)Change jobs when necessary

Which of the following is NOT the logical step of developing a personal budget?
a)Establishing goals
b)Getting the budget approved
c)Carrying out the budget
d)Evaluating the budget

Which one of the following is NOT the component of career advancement model?
a)More emphasis on temporary leadership assignments
b)Climbing the ladder of self-fulfillment
c)More emphasis on vertical growth than horizontal growth
d)Being promoted as much for learn-how as know-how

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Which one of following is suggested time management technique?
a)Make good use of technology
b)Clean up and get organized
c)Concentrate on one key task at a time
d)All of the given options

To develop a proactive personality you can attempt to be more of a self-starter and:
a)Learn to read people
b)Develop social skills
c)Learn to say no
d)Take more initiative to solve problems

Which one of the following theory indicates that our hormones direct us to sense or screen potential mates?


Which one of the following resume formats is NOT commonly used?
a)Targeted resume
b)T-form resume
c)Functional resume
d)Chronological resume

Ahmad prepares a gimmickry resume for job finding, why he prepares this type of resume?
a)To get the attention of the prospective employer
b)To presents skills in a creative form
c)To focus on a specific job target
d)To present facts in reverse chronological order

Hamna frequently identifies opportunities and acts on them until she brings about change. Hamna likely to have a ________ personality.
c)Type B
d)Type A

_____________ test measures personal attributes and characteristics of an individual

Hasan has the capability to meet the requirements to get a particular job, which type of resume he will prepare.
a)Targeted résumé
b)Creative resume
c)Chronological résumé
d)Functional résumé

Aisha is in search of a good job for this purpose she is calling to the prospective
employers’ unsolicited phone calls which is recognized as _______________.

A. Telesearch
B. E-mail campaign
C. Database service
D. None of the given options

When delivering bad news to a customer, which of the following should you do?
A. Apologize to the customer at least three times
B. Speak in a serious and straightforward manner as rapidly as possible
C. Focus on talking about solving the problem
D. Establish immediately where the fault for the problem lies

Which of the following is one of the tips on establishing a bond with your

A. Provide service that is at least average or above
B. Give them the pickle
C. Show care and concern
D. Avoid ever allowing another customer to see how you treat the special customer
you have bonded with

Applying for a job is usually _____________.
A. Stressful
B. Fun
C. A straightforward, step-by-step standardized procedure
D. Easy

Which of the following is not a good tip for preparing for an interview?
A. Do your homework
B. Practice
C. Arrive on time
D. None of the above

Which one among the following is not a barrier to cross cultural relations?
A. Ethnocentrism
B. Intergroup Rather than Interpersonal Relationships
C. Stereotypes in Intergroup Relations
D. Applying Knowledge of Cultural Differences

Which of the following is not a characteristic of a good resume?
A. Easy-to-read
B. Well-organized
C. Hand-written
D. Accurate

To succeed in your career, you should not _____.
A. Continue to learn new things
B. Accept challenges
C. Become a workaholic
D. Change jobs when necessary

Ahmad use essential strategy for cultivating his peers, to function as a

A. Team player
B. Moderator
C. Managers
D. Interpreter

The most important reason employees resist change is _____________.
A. Change brings stress and discomfort
B. The change is often not presented as a choice
C. The change will require them modify or completely abandon their daily routines