What is the term used to define the number of subordinates directly controlled by a manager?

A: division management
B: departmentation
C: sphere of influence
D: investment span
E: span of management

2. Which management theorist is responsible for the motivation-hygiene theory?

A: Abraham Maslow
B: Dale Hawthorne
C: Peter Drucker
D: Frederick Herzberg
E: Dave Pelz

3. What kind of organizational structure combines a vertical chain of command with horizontal reporting requirements?

A: line authority
B: matrix
C: functional
D: quality circle
E: line-and-staff

4. What is the name for a contract that expressly forbids an employee from joining a union?

A: fixed-price contract
B: yellow-dog contract
C: blacklist contract
D: cost-reimbursement contract
E: unfair list contract

5. What kind of training program is most appropriate for a simple task?

A: on-the-job training
B: vestibule training
C: laboratory training
D: away-from-the-job training
E: job rotation

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6. Which leadership theory suggests that management style should adapt itself to changing circumstances?

A: autocratic theory
B: participatory theory
C: permissive theory
D: delegation theory
E: contingency theory

7. According to Abraham Maslow, the most elevated type of need is _____.

A: safety
B: esteem
C: self-actualization
D: physiological
E: social

8. Which of the following was NOT a result of the Wagner Act of 1935?

A: employers were forbidden from interfering with union activity.
B: the National Labor Relations Board was created.
C: a normal workweek was defined as 40 hours.
D: employers could no longer engage in collective bargaining with unions.
E: employers could no longer discriminate in hiring and firing based on union membership.

9. Which management concept suggests that low-importance decisions be handled by subordinates, so that managers can focus on high-importance decisions?

A: management by exception
B: exclusionary management
C: inclusionary management
D: management by objective
E: participatory management

10. Which human resource document outlines the qualifications required for the jobholder?

A: job announcements
B: job specification
C: job application
D: job description
E: job portfolio