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Thread: MGT502 Quiz Solved 27 July 2010

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    99 MGT502 Quiz Solved 27 July 2010

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    Maria is dissatisfied with the way that her manager treats her. She has quit her job and found a new position with another firm. She has expressed her dissatisfaction through _____________
    Select correct option:

    • Exit
    • Voice
    • Loyalty
    • Neglect

    Which one of the following is NOT a component of an organization
    Select correct option:

    • People
    • Place
    • Structure
    • Task

    _______________ refers to the network of personal and social relations that is developed spontaneously between people associated with each other.
    Select correct option:

    • Formal organization
    • Informal organization
    • Business organization
    • Government organization

    A high score in which dimension of the Big Five model predicts good job performance for all occupational groups?
    Select correct option:

    • Agreeableness
    • Conscientiousness
    • Emotional stability
    • Openness to experience

    Imran is the head of a group at an advertising agency working with artists and designers to come up with effective branding of new products. Why is it particularly important for him to keep his team happy?
    Select correct option:

    • People are more conscientious when they are in a good mood
    • People are more efficient when they are in a good mood
    • People are more productive when they are in a good mood
    • People are more creative when they are in a good mood

    Ability to understand what is read or heard and the relationship of words to each other is called ___________
    Select correct option:

    • Verbal comprehension
    • Non verbal comprehension
    • Perceptual speed
    • Memory

    Which of the following is an environmental force that shapes personality?
    Select correct option:

    • Gender
    • Height
    • Brain size
    • Experience

    Which of the following is the expected weakness of group decision making?
    Select correct option:

    • Less complete knowledge
    • More time will be used to make the decision
    • Employees will be less accepting of the group decision
    • The decision will probably be a lower quality decision

    A national culture characteristic describing the extend to which a society feels threatened by uncertain and ambiguous situation and tries to avoid them is called__________________
    Select correct option:

    • Short Term Orientation
    • Long Term Orientation
    • Uncertainty Avoidance
    • Performance Orientation

    In attribution theory, what is distinctiveness?
    Select correct option:

    • Whether an individual displays consistent behaviors in different situations
    • Whether an individual displays different behaviors in different situations
    • Whether an individual displays consistent behaviors in similar situations
    • Whether an individual displays different behaviors in similar situations

    Which of the following is NOT an important issue relating to goal-setting theory?
    Select correct option:

    • Goal specificity
    • Equity among co-workers
    • Feedback
    • Defining the goal

    Individuals with a high need to achieve prefer all of the following EXCEPT:
    Select correct option:

    • Job situations with personal responsibility
    • A high degree of risk
    • Overcoming obstacles
    • Personal empowerment

    Eden Corp has installed a new email system, but many staff members do not know of its features. Upper management decides to allocate a small portion of the company’s budget to solving this problem. A team that uses rational decision making to arrive at a solution should be aware that this case deviates from the assumptions of the rational decision making model in what way?
    Select correct option:

    • There are cost constraints
    • The problem is not clearly defined
    • The options available to the team are not known
    • There are constraints on the options available

    What trait does a decision maker need to have if they are to fully appraise a problem and even see problems that others are not aware of?
    Select correct option:

    • Creativity
    • Conceptual style
    • Intuition
    • Individuality
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