MGT301 - Principles of Marketing

Important Announcement Regarding Assignment # 2 Dated: Jul 27, 10

Dear Student,
Result of Assignment no. 02 of Mgt301 (Principles of Marketing) has been declared. Solution of the assignment is also uploaded so you may compare your answers.

It has been observed that most of the students have copied the assignment from the following links:
there are three links please check ur LMS
All the students who have copied the solution of assignment from the above mentioned sites have been marked zero.

Moreover the students who have copied their assignments from each other and from the handouts have also been marked zero.

The basic purpose of assignments is to enhance the analytical skills of the students about the subject knowledge. In return marks are awarded according to the efforts put in by the individuals. After checking the assignments it has been noticed, which is really shocking, that most of the students have NOT put in their own efforts in solving the assignment and have copied from the above mentioned websites which really kills the purpose of an assignment.

Furthermore, no emails or MDBs will be replied regarding this issue!

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