The Nature of organizational change
large scale organizational change is represented by any substantive modification to some part of the organization (eg mergers and acquisitions, new leadership, new technology, major process transformation, formalized governance etc). The forces for change come from either external forces influencing the organization's environment, that compel the organization to alter the way in which it compares, such as competitors, regulators, globalization, technology, economy, life styles and customers and/or internal forces inside the organization that cause it to change its strategy and structure.

Principles for managing successful organizational charge


Planned (proactive) change- change that is designed and implemented in an orderly and timely fashion in anticipation of future events and projected results; IT governance should be planned, proactive initiative if it is to be accomplished in a cost effective and least disruptive manner.

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Reactive change- change that is a piecemeal or an unanticipated response to events and circumstances as they develop or are forced on organizational due to regulatory, customer, competitive and other conditions.