Q1. What is the difference between File and Folder? 5 marks
A folder holds a set of files ----- in IT a file (like a .doc document) holds user data, while a folder is a place where a number of files can be grouped for convenience (like 'my documents'). Folders can also hold other folders making the whole storage structure a tree.
Q2. What is difference between “menu bar” and “standard bar” in Windows XP? 5 marks
Standard bar it displayed across the top of the application window, it tell the name of the web page. Menu bar in under the standard bar and shows the following option on it File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools and help.

Q3. Match the each word of List (b) with the appropriate word in List (a) 5 marks
Ram Primary Storage
Hard Disk Secondary Storage
Monitor Output Device
Keyboard Output Device
Microsoft Office Software

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