Your assignment must be uploaded / submitted before or on May 10, 2010.

• Develop a website by following the below given conditions/requirements, that is related to library system.
• Build the following website having three WebPages using HTML.
• We just require the HTML code developed by you in this scenario in Microsoft Word form.
• You may use Notepad or any other tool as an Editor for verification of your work and then copy the written code in word document i.e. in .doc form and send to us.


It has three pages. Main page, Registration page, Issue-Return page

Main page (1st page) having the following fields:

• Links to the other two pages.
• “Welcome to VU Library” should be the Title of this document
• Design a PowerPoint document, that contains information related to VU and some introduction to the VU library. This information can be in your own language. Give a link to this document from your first page
Create a Registration page (2nd page) having the following fields:

1. Name
2. Rollno
3. Semester
4. CardID
5. Gender (Male, Female)
6. Hobbies
7. Session
8. Submit
9. Reset (clear all fields)
Create Issue Return page (3rd page) having the following fields:

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1. CardID
2. Booklist (list box)
3. Submit
4. Reset (clear all fields)

Only one of the two radio buttons should be selected at a time. It means if user selects Female option then Male should be unselected automatically.

• Only one option in drop down list should be selected at a time.
• On clicking reset button, all the fields of form should be cleared or reset to its default values.