Fill it with suitable word
  • A Push down Automate consists of and input TAPE with ----------many location in one direction. (Marks 2)
  • Construct RE for the language having words of even length over ∑= {a.b} (2 Mark)
  • If two FAs have no final states then what will be the final state of their union? (2 mark)
  • Write true or false for the following statement
    (a) Dead state is must in NFA
    (b) There is a union path for each valid string (called a word) in NFA. (2 mark)
  • Write the three different parsing techniques? (3 mark)
  • Explain first two rules of defining all possible production of CFG of the “Row language” (5 mark)
  • Construct corresponding CFG for the given language
    (1) All words of even length but not multiple of 3.
    (2) Palindrome (both even and odd palindrome). (5 mark)
  • Question #8 ) Is the following CFG ambiguous? How can you remove the ambiguity?

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