due date May 6,2010

Question 1. What kind of knowledge the industrial engineer will apply and why?
(Marks: 3+7=10)
Answer : - A problem solving process could be considered as made by two main components: the problem itself or the goal to be achieved (what) and the solution to it or the way to achieve the goal (how). In this case to develop a rust preventing techniques and its engineering application to build a car that which will be more resistive to the rusting is clear evidence of implication of explicit knowledge, because the nature of works demands the knowledge should be visible, written, transferable, sharable and reusable and obviously documented and stored and can be transmitted externally which can only be possible with Explicit,

Question 2. By applying which type of knowledge student can perform his task in better way and how? (Marks: 3+7=10)

Answer : - In this case the MBA student is trying to understand the concept and making his own interpretation of the available data to prepare the table. The student is making his own evaluation which is based on his educational background and experiences but looks all empirical in nature. The nature of work it self is demanding an empirical type of evaluation which is only helping him. Therefore we considered it as an implication Tacit Knowledge

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