Paper 1

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Total Questions 53
48 MCQ’s

2 Questions 3 marks each.
3 Questions 5 marks each.
Q1- What are actions taken up in the follow up section of the meetings? 3 marks
Q2- Explain Lewin’s process for change. 3 marks
Q3- As a Manager how can you promote functional conflict within an organization. 5 marks
Q4- What are the factor that can help a build a learning organization. 5 marks
Q5- As a Manager how can you promote ethical behavior in an organization. 5 marks
These Questions are from the current papers.

Paper 2

Long questions

Q1- What is the learning organization? 3 marks
Q2- What is creativity and how can an organization foster creativity in its employees. 3 marks
Q3- Explain the process of meeting in detail. Clarifying each and every step. 5 marks
Q4-Compare and contrast internal and external forces of change. 5 marks
Q5- Why is team decision making preferable over individual decision making? 5 marks