MGT201 paper today there was 48 MCQs and the remaining questions are here under!

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1. What is asset stripping and what is the idea behind it? 3 Marks
2. What is asset repurchasing and how it helps in capital gaining? 3 Marks
3. Determine the average collection period of the following cases:
a) If a firm makes 30% sales at 30 days credit and 70 % sales at 60 days credit.
b) If a firm makes 20% sales at 15 days credit and 80 % sales at 55 days credit.

4. If a firm decides to maintain a large amount of current assets or small amount.What will be the benefits that the firm will enjoy in both cases.
5.What will be the impact of the following transactions on the balance sheet.
a) When Mr.Ali issue a bond of 100,000 Rs to increase capital gain.
b) When Mr.Ali make an investment on bond of Rs. 100,000