Q1) suppose an I/O system with a single disk gets (on average) 200 I/O request/second. Assume that average time for a disk to service an I/O request is 4ms. What is the utilization time? 3Marks
Q2) Give an example when DMA can be brought into use? 3Marks
Q3) convert the hexadecimal number B316 to base 10 5Marks
Q4) Does DMA affects the relationship b/w the memory system and CPU system. Explain with example.
Q5) consider a 128kb direct mapping with a line length of 32 bytes
Determine the number of bits in the address that refers to the bytes within the cache
Determine the number of bits in the address required to select the cache line. 5Marks
Q6) consider the following floating pointís numbers 3 marks
-0.5 X 10-3
Find out the sign, significant and exponent
Q7) why we represent sometime some numbers in sign magnitude form.

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