Due date May 13,2010

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Q1. Differentiate between ‘Situational Irony’ and ‘Verbal Irony’ with example.
3+ 2 =5

Q2. State whether each statement is a Fact or an Opinion. 5

1. George Washington was the first president of the United States of America.
2. His early education was rudimentary.
3. In 1752, he applied for the command of a region of militia.
4. As a militia officer, Washington was conscious of the disparity between Militia and the regular army.
5. In1759, he married a widow, Martha Dandridge Custis.

Q3. Complete the paragraph by choosing words from the list given. 5

chance, beneath, doubt, scared, sights

Canada is a massive country full of wide-open spaces. With scenery that is truly magnificent, it is without __________ one of the great unspoilt areas of the world. If you have the __________, make sure you go to Niagara Falls, which are the top attraction in North America and one of the most spectacular __________ anywhere. Visitors who are not easily __________ can take a boat ride to the edge of the roaring falls, almost right __________ the massive torrent of white water.