Be in your best Dress and dressing...... should be Official
For Boys Suits (2 or 3 piece) will be just Fine. Avoid Bright / fancy Clothes.
For Girls .......i dont know ..... (Girsl are intelligent enough to match above settings)

Make your Presenation slides be in medium range ...... the more the slides, the more will be Questions raised that you will have to answer. A range of 8 slides per member is justfine for Project Teams . Thesis Students can have range of 15-25 slides. Do not add content that you dont know .......Very Important.

Your Thesis /Final project report should be well binded or in a book form.(in my case they were just printouts in a paper envelope ....they advised me to show only the Electronic Copy of report through my laptop and this report is not presentable in this situatuion)

First of All when you will arrive the MA Jinnah campus , Lahore. You will have to sign the register on reception for intimating your Arrival . Then inquire about the room for Finalprojects / Thesis . I was informed about the second Floor of the Building in front of Reception. (May be it can Change). VU Staff will be very helpful ...... in guiding you.

Next go the room for CS619 and meet the Assitant Supervisor there. Again inform them of your arrival and they will ask for necassary informations and ID cards , CD , Thesis /Final project report , your Deliverables.....etc. They will require you to fill a paper for marking by the Panel and your Identification in fornt of Panel.

Then they will ask how prepared you are , and later they will examine you how prepared you are for the Presentation against Panel which is assigned by HEC. Dont panic and be in full Confidence , these are part of preprations and VU wants its students to be fully prepared. If Satisfactory , they will inform you the current status in the Conference Room where the Presentation is to delivered. They will inform you to wait if necassary (if another group or invidual is busy in Presentation).

Conferrence room is in the right part of campus when you enter the campus. Right side from Recption is Waiting room for Students.... Conference room can be clearly seen form there.

Again revise your Contents for Presentation for Smooth processdings.
This part is the most important one , others were just rehearsels.

When you areinformed to enter the conference room ....... there will be no one except , your Supervisor ....(in my case it was Mr. M. Nadeem).They will copy your presentationslides (Powerpoint File) to the system connected with projector. After full satisfaction they will leave the room and inform the Panel to join the Presentation. Dont panic (Much studenst are trembling here ).

I am repeatdly saying panel , what is Panel. Panel is a Batch of Professors appointed by HEC for the Presentation. Panel composition at maximum intensity will be 4 form other Universities , 1 form VU and our Project Supervisor.

Panel will arrive in about 10-15 min. They will sit along the table and papers for marking will be presentated to them by your Supervisor. Then one professor form panel will read aloud the name and the person have to confirm by a small head bow to confirm.

Now after this supervisor will ask your team leader to start ........

Start according to Plan ........ Complete English and smooth .....Grammar does not matter .......(Little bit Urdu is allowed to have Fluent presentation and stablize the confidence Level ). Speak with medium Voice that isaloud in Presentation Hall. No one else is allowed to be in that room except the Team and panel.

Some questions will be asked within the Slides and you will have to answer them with a smiling face and when they say continue ...... then continue otherwise remain silent.

When a member is changed in presentation , be courteous to your previous member, Same signal strength should be flowing through the whole presentation. One importatant point .... if a member is not able to answer the question , other team members can stand and get permission answer that and then he will have to continue form there. Strictly follow the guidelines provided in a file by VU for Presentation.

After this , if it is a Project ... Project demonstartion will be asked. and then again Questions.

Thesis Students will be having a lots of lots of Questions , so be well prepared.

Next , you will be asked to sit in front of panel and Viva questions willbe asked. They can beform any subject you studied.This part has individual markings.

Wrong answers in full confidence , have more positive impact then a simple sorry..... (as advised byVU Staff)

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After This ..... Presentation is declared over. They will give a small hint about your Presentation.Then after some personnal questions they will leave.(Personnal Dont means private...... just a chit chat).

Now you can leave the campus ........ and result will declared within a week.