The purpose of this sample test is to give applicants an idea of computer science subject
areas in which their knowledge will be evaluated. Most of these questions were set in the
previous admission tests. The number of questions may vary in the actual admission test.
The duration will be 1-1/2 hour.
Problem Solving and Algorithms
Q. 1) A match box contains 50 match sticks. Write an algorithm (using basic constructs of
sequence, selection, and repetition) to compute the match boxes required to create an N * N
matrix of the following type (this is 2 * 2 matrix).
Q. 2) How would you measure exactly 6 liter of water when you have only two containers, a
4 liter bucket and a 9 liter bucket. Write an optimal algorithm to solve the problem?
Q. 3) Compute the complexity of the following Algorithm.
i= 1;
While(i < n+1) {
while(j < n+1) {
j = j*2;
Q. 4) Given a simple unsorted list order, compute the complexity of following
i) Insert an item
ii) Search an item (Best case, Worst case)
iii) Delete an item
Digital Logic and Computer Organization
Q. 5) Convert the following hexadecimal numbers into octal numbers.
i) A002.B07D ii) 7088.ABCD
Q. 6) By using basic gates (AND, OR, NOT, a gate can not take more than two inputs)
design an optimal equality circuit (if numbers are equal, output is “1”, if they are not equal
output is “0”) to compare two 4-bit numbers.
Software Engineering / Web Engineering
Q. 7) What is the difference between
A) Utility and Usability B) Systems Analysis and Task Analysis
C) User Centered Design and Participatory Design
D) Browsing and Searching E) Interface and Interaction
F) Intranet and Internet
G) WWW and Distributed Hypermedia Systems
H) Direct and Indirect Pointing Device I) Incremental and Evolutionary prototype
J) Horizontal and Vertical Prototyping K) E-commerce and E-business
Q. 8) At QAU, students would like to drink tea, coffee, or green tea during short breaks.
The management is planning to have one vending machine in the library, so that students
can get the above mentioned drinks. You are assigned to design the front panel of such a
vending machine. Create a working paper based prototype of your design.
Q. 9) Employees of an organization are allowed to get accommodation expenses while
traveling on official tours. The program for validating expenses claims for accommodation
has the following requirements
• There is an upper limit of Rs. 9,000 for accommodation expense claims
• Any claim above Rs. 9,000 should be rejected and cause an error message to be
• All expense amounts should be greater than zero and an error message to be
displayed if this is not the case
Design test cases by using appropriate technique (Equivalence partitioning, Boundary value
analysis) to evaluate the above mentioned conditions of the program.
Q. 10) For the following function, draw the Flow Graph and then use this flow graph to
compute the Cyclomatic Complexity
int f1(int x, int y){
while (x != y){
if (x>y) then
else y=y-x;
return x;
Q. 11) You have to design a part of the Web-based assignment submission system for the
academic departments in a university. The system is to be implemented using Web-based
technologies. The users are faculty members and the students. The students can add an
assignment, remove an assignment before the D/Line, and see their submitted assignments.
The teachers can see all the assignments for his / her course, and download any of those for
a. Sketch the different components which are required to be implemented in context of
MVC (Model-View-Controller architecture).
b. Select the most appropriate technology (such as HTML, JSP/ASP, PHP, Servlets) for
the implementation of each component and justify your selection. Pay particular
attention to incorporate “separation of concerns”.
c. Model the relationships showing the necessary interconnections between the data
Q. 12-A) The owner of a video store has contacted you to develop a system to keep track of
videos and rentals. He has never used computer systems before, but feels that such a system
will help in managing accounts and providing better customer services. Which process
model will be most appropriate to use for software development and why?
Q. 12-B) In part 12-A., if the owner states his requirements clearly, and you have developed
similar systems, will this change your choice of a model? Which model will you choose
now and why?
Database Design
The following tables form part of a database held in a relational DBMS (underlined fields
make up the primary key):
Hotel (hotelNo, hotelName, city)
Room (roomNo, hotelNo, type, price)
Booking (hotelNo, guestNo, dateFrom, dateTo, roomNo)
Guest (guestNo, guestName, guestAddress)
Q. 13-A) Explain how the entity and the relational integrity rules apply to these relations.
Q. 13-B) Give the Structured Query Language syntax for the following query based upon
the above tables:
Give a list of booked rooms for months of May, June and July 2009, having price
greater than 8000 per day.

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