Deadline Date = 07-05-2010

Question # 1 [Marks 10]

Differentiate between following storage classes:

1) Auto storage class
2) Register storage class
3) Static storage class
4) Extern Storage Class

Your answer should be in table format as given below:


Question # 2 [Marks 10]

The following two macros were taken from “Windef.h” file, installed in “…/Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\Include” folder

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#define LOWORD(l) ((WORD)(l))
#define HIWORD(l) ((WORD)(((DWORD)(l) >> 16) & 0xFFFF))

1) Explain functionality of both of these macros [Marks: 2+2]

2) Develop a program in VC++6.0 that makes use of both of these macros i.e. your program should call these macros by passing them appropriate arguments and finally should display the result through Messagebox. [Marks: 6]