Flood in Karachi/Sindh destroy many villages and cities. They need help from abroad and Pakistani Nation. They are looking for our help. So please where ever you live. Try to help them. They lost everything. Only that person can feel this who has faced this kind of situation in his life. I have faced this in Jhelum in 1992, so i can imagine that how it feels. When you are living without food and water is everywhere. Your house is destroy and your crap is also destroy. SO how hard to live like this. It take ages to build all this. But gone in seconds. So its totally God will. But Humans specially Muslims help each other. So please i request all of you today is 14th August, 2010 . Help our brothers sisters. Who are suffering from this disaster. They need our help. Its Ramadan-UL-Mubarak. We should help Karachi/Sindh Flood victims.

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