1. Should this venture be regarded as entrepreneurial? Is the owner a true Entrepreneur?
This venture canít be regarded as entrepreneurial because entrepreneur is a person who holds every thing related to the business and he takes start something new, but he canít do this with this venture.
I donít think that he is true entrepreneur because owner is confused in this situation; there is no motivation in the entrepreneur.

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2. Do you agree with the philosophy expressed here? Is the owner really
Doing what is best for his family?

I agree with the philosophy expressed above as owners make every effort to service his
Customers but for expand the limit of his business he takes advise for a partner. Owner should evaluate the problem and capability to solve it.
On the other hand owner really doing his best, when owner may not follow the advice of expert, owner should not use other person for his business growth as they interfere in that business for profit or loss, suggestions etc and because of partners interfere family relationships might disturb.

3. What kinds of problems is this owner avoiding?
Problems that owner avoiding is, as if he venture with the partners they interfere in business, and asked from owner about their participation or profit and loss from the business and other matters related to the business, owners have no full command in his business and. Partners also disturb his family relationship..