Artificial Intelligence cs607 Final term paper 15th August, 2010 its subjective paper. First there was 30 mcq's most of them were True false. They were very easy to attempt. Here is the subjective paper.
Q1)Write the name of some fuzzy logic applications? 3 Marks
Q2) What is MSE? 2Marks
Q3) How does the search paths donít remain independent in Genetic algorithm? 2 Marks
Q4) Define Vision space? 2 Marks
Q5) What is State in Strips? Give an example. 2 Marks
Q6) Breifly explain the different phases of machine learning? 3 Marks
Q7) How problem solution constitute the problem solving? 3 Marks
Q8) Write down the name of the some of the fuzzy logic applications? 3 Marks
Q9) Write different knowledge Acquisition techniques. 5 Marks
Q10) What are robotics? List down feature that a robot constitute? 5 Marks

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