Short Questions
  1. How can u display the status of suspended and background processes in Unix/Linux shell.
  2. Which anomaly is invoked in FIFO page replacement?
  3. Define MVT with respect to memory management.
  4. Scan Algorithm is sometimes called the elevator algorithm, why?
  5. What is the work of protection bits in the primary protection scheme under paging?
  6. List any one advantage and one disadvantage of using large block size?
  7. When the detection algorithm should run to detect deadlock in the system?
  8. How can u move a process into background in a Unix/Linux shell, write its syntax?

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Long Question
  1. Briefly explain thrashing as it pertains to main memory management?
  2. What is swap space? Do you think that one additional aspect of demand paging is the handling and overall use of swap space. Briefly comment.