Question.1 (6 marks)
There is a relation from “Property Rental system.” is as under.

  1. Property-info
  2. Property-ID
  3. Owner-ID
  4. Property-Address
  5. Rental-Demanded

You have required changing the higher form of NF in to NF another form, if 1NF convert in to 2NF.
Question.2 (6 marks)
Draw an ERD of “Patient Management System”
The entities are:

  1. Patient
  2. Doctor
  3. Bed
  4. Outdoor patient
  5. Admitted Patient

Question.3 (3 marks)
If we map a unary relationship into relationship and ERD has one to one cardinality then what would be the mapping producer?
Question.4 (3 marks)
Make relation b/w two tables with foreign key? With example.
Question.5 (2 marks)
If we have two entities make it one to one relationship?
Question.6 (2 marks)
Define main functionality of subtype discriminator?

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