ACC501 MCQ's MEGA File for midterm

Miss naila is going to chose an annuity with cash flow of Rs 12,000 for cash of 5 year.
accuming that interest pay mein occur at the begining of each year and miss nalia can earn 12% on her investment.
what will be the future value of the annuity after 5 year????


How can we calculate yield to maturity for a bond???

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what is the difference between ordinary annuity and annuity due???

1: dividend payout and retention ratio and their relationship
2: calculation of real interest rate when nominal rate and inflation was given.
3: how we calculate the yield to maturity of a bond
4:FV calculation ? when principal was 12000 and 9% interest rate four years investment period.

Premium bond, discount bond & par value of bond (3)
Why Ordinary annuity is less than annuity due (3)
What is dividend pay out ratio & Retention ratio and what is relation between them? (5)
What are the basics about Bond Pricing Theorem? (5)