How to apply Study in Sweden

Check the programme description(s) carefully for detailed information, either at the university website or in the result list in 'Course search'. Then: 1. Go to 'Your pages' and create a user account.
NB! If you do not have a Swedish civic registration number you must use the link for 'Users with NO Swedish civic registration number'. If you have a Swedish civic registration number, use the link for 'Users with a Swedish civic registration number'.
2. Search for the study programmes you would like to apply for via the search engine Course search. (You can apply for up to 4 study programmes at Master's level).
3. Click on 'Add' for the study programmes you are interested in and place them in your basket. Click on 'To application' to create an application in your name.
4. Rank the selected study programmes in order of preference.
5. Click on 'Send application' and print a cover sheet as instructed.

6. Sign the cover sheet, enclose all supporting documents and send the application to:
University Studies in Sweden
FE 1
SE-833 83 Stroemsund
NB! Applications sent by fax or e-mail will not be considered. This also applies for online applications without supporting documentation.

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