Pakistani as nation, are they beggar? That political people who rule the country and strugle against the army and martial Law. When ever they come to power they just think that no one can say anything against them. They got the full authority to do everything. Like Our presendent is saying the Great Asif Ali Zardari Presendent of Pakistan. That it will take 3 or more years to over come the flood disaster. If suppose we got the Kala bagh Dam this time. It won't come and people were safe in Pakistan. But its the political war. The floods have killed 1,500 people and affected up to 20 million nationwide in the country's worst natural disaster, with the threat of disease ever present in the camps sheltering survivors.
I don't think Pakistan will ever fully recover but we will move on, the president added, saying the government was working to protect people from future flooding.
So what to say and what to do. Who care's. Just do the rule.

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