In Holly Month of Ramadan. We as Muslims try to help other Muslim Brother's. Its because of brotherhood. People are not blind they can see that when the Ramadan comes all the prices of food goes up and up. Even the Utility Stores Corporation has increased the price of certain foodstuffs by over 20 per cent, citing the damage done to the agricultural sector by the floods as the reason.

The next thing is the flood which we are facing. So that's the second thing that they increased the prices of food all over the Pakistan. So they will never come down. Even we got the whole thing's back as they were before the flood. That's what we are helping each other on this natural disaster and enjoying the Blessing of ALLAH in Ramadan. So be Happy Feel proud that we all are Pakistan. Who are making Money earning more and more in this Holy Month of Ramadan. Don't complain anything. Otherwise you will be face situation like Sialkot. Where two innocent Brothers murder front of whole world.

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