Admission requiremnts

A candidate seeking admission to a Diploma, Bachelor or Masters program (MBA, MCS, MIT) having passed the prescribed examination but not having achieved the requisite percentage of marks as defined by the University’s regulations are required to enroll in a Zero Semester (Fall/Spring) and achieve the required semester GPA in order to become eligible for applying for admission into the respective study program.

  1. The Zero Semester comprises of the following courses:

a.MTH 001: Elementary Mathematics
b.ENG 001: Elementary English
c.CS 001: Computer Proficiency

  1. The courses and their number may be changed from time to time by the University.

  1. The candidate will be required to pass all prescribed courses in a single semester and achieve a semester GPA of at least 2.00 out of 4 in order to become eligible to apply for admission into the desired study program.

  1. Students enrolled in the Zero Semester will be bound to obey the rules and regulations of the University.

  1. Zero Semester, once qualified will remain valid for all subsequent admissions.

fee for the zero semester

(1) Fee for students within Pakistan:
Rs 6000/- per Zero Semester, payable in two equal installments:

a)Ist Installment: Rs. 3000/- payable at the time of admission.
b)2nd Installment: Rs. 3000/- payable within 2-months after admission.

(2) Fee for students outside Pakistan: US $250 per Zero semester.
NOTE: The fees will be deposited in the authorized bank branches by the date announced. If the candidate once offered a Zero Semester and deposit university dues and subsequently leaves the university under any circumstances, the university dues already deposited by him/her shall not be refunded in any case. Refund of tuition fee and other dues can be made to a student only if the University considers the student to be ineligible for the Zero Semester.
Overseas student should deposit his/her fee through FTT (Foreign Telegraph Transfer) or bank draft inclusive of Bank charges that is minimum up to $15 per transaction.

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