Which of the following feature provide facility for multiple
1. Adapter Classes
2. Wrapper Classes
3. Interface
4. Collection
Question # 2 of 10
The relationship between class and interface is called ________
1. ‘Is a’ relationship
2. ‘Has a’ relationship
3. ‘Responds to’ relationship
4. None of the given options
Question # 3 of 10
Which of the following function will be used to register event
handler with
events generator (button)?
1. addAction()
2. addListener()
3. addActionListener()
4. Register eventhandeler()
Question # 4 of 10
The collection API are defined in ______ package?
1. Java.io
2. Java.util
3. Java.sql
4. Java.awt
Question # 5 of 10
Which of the following is true about abstract class?
1. An abstract class must have all methods declared as abstract
2. A class must have at least one abstract method to be an abstract
abstract class.
4. An instance of abstract class can be created.

VU Askari

Question # 6 of 10
Exceptions must be handled while handling files otherwise it
may lead to____?
1. Logical error
2. Syntax error
3. No error
4. Run time error
Question # 7 of 10
Which of the following stream is a filter stream?
1. BufferedReader
2. FileWriter
3. FileReader
4. All of given options
Question # 8 of 10
CREATE, ALTER, DROP are _________ SQL statements.
1. DML
2. DDL
3. DCL
4. None of above
Question # 9 of 10
Which of the following statement object is used to execute
stored procedures?
1. Statement
2. PreparedStatement
3. CallableStatement
4. None of given options
Question # 10 of 10
Based on functionality, the streams can be categorized as
1. Byte oriented streams and Node Streams
2. Filter stream and Character oriented stream
3. Node stream and Filter stream
4. Byte oriented stream and Character oriented stream
Which of the following method is used to execute INSERT, UPDATE and Delete SQL

The classes which contain the word _____ are byte oriented streams.

The relationship between class and interface is called ________
‘Is a’ relationship

Which of the following stream read/write data in the form of bytes?


Which of the following stream is a Node stream?

f a class needs to handle events generated by button then which of the following interface
a class needs to implement?

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