Please note these things and i request to muslims that don't take their mobiles, laptops etc during itikaf.
The prohibited accts during the state of Iítikaf include:

1. Applying perfume and smelling perfume with the intention of deriving pleasure. This act makes Iítikaf null and void and is also a sin.

2. Discussions and arguments both in relation to the world and the faith. This means that a person argues with another to prove that he is better or smarter or that he knows more, etcÖ However, if a person must argue or debate to uphold the truth and destroy falsehood, it is permissible - rather this is the best form of worship and servitude to Allah (Glory and Greatness be to Him) during this noble state.

3. Buying and selling anything.

4. Deriving pleasure from the opposite sex in any way Ė holding hands, hugging, kissing, etcÖ is completely forbidden in the state of Iítikaf.

If any of these things are performed, oneís Iítikaf becomes void and in certain cases a Kaffarah or penitence must be paid out.

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