HRM624 current mid term subjective paper December 2011

total Mcqs was 22 or 5 long questions 3 was 3 marks or 2 was 5 marks

it was tough paper for me

1- Analyze the other disputant interest in interpersonal conflict? 05 marks

Enables the negotiator to craft appealing proposals
Avoids errors of judgment about how to resolve the conflict
Sabotage by a disputant whose deep-seated interests are not
Addressed by the resolution of the conflict
Avoids the pitfalls of positional bargaining
Enables the negotiator to (if necessary) tailor coercive
Measures to the disputants interests

2- What is the “Positional Bargaining” and write two negative consequences? 3 marks

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Positional bargaining

A process of negotiation that involves each disputant taking successively more moderate positions in hopes that eventually a compromise will result is described as positional bargaining.

1. Becoming locked into position psychologically- regardless of whether a better option is available

2. Becoming blinded to issues unrelated to your position

3- Perceptual Bias is unconscious, justify. Marks 03:

Perceptual biases are Systematic errors in perceiving others. Perceptual bias can be quite damaging between individuals in the society. To a large extent perceptions are the root cause of conflict. Often the intentions some ones act are misunderstood and perceptual bias may develop.

4- Explain what is competitive culture? Mark 03