KARACHI: Ongoing flood devastations in Sindh province is underway as tehsil Khairpur Nathan Shah is being seen on rapid evacuation as fast roaring deluges are heading to wreak anticipated devastation in the area, Geo News reported Thursday.

Meanwhile, flood tides have inundated Jati city of Thatta district.

According to member provincial assembly Imran Laghari, emergency has been declared in Khairpur Nathan Shah tehsil of Dadu district owing to flood anticipation, asking people to evacuate houses in the earliest.

Meanwhile, raging flood torrents, unleashed from two breaches in MS protective embankment, have entered Jati city of Thatta District after wreaking havoc in Sujawal.

Another roaring floodtide, surging from Hadad Kot, is heading to hit Khairpur Nathan Shah while the city’s 70 percent population has relocated themselves to safer places for fear of flood devastation.

A massive floodtide is 1km away from Kharipur Nathan Shah whereas; another flood torrent through breaches of MNV Drain is raging fast towards Khanpur and Indus Highway.

Several villages have been deluged by floodwater in Jati city.

Many cracks have started to appear in Dhamra Canal, allowing floodwater to flow through them.

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