Hello, we need an experienced freelancer in Wordpress for the customization of one of our website. Ask in PM for site theme details.

Our need are:
1.fix some problems regarding the thumbnails visualization specific of this theme. (thumbnail has to be picked up not from "featured image" but from a selected file,thumbnail). The theme seems to have some problem doing that.

2.Give us the possibility to add FLASH banner, giving us the chance to choose number of banner per page, position and dimension of them. We should be able to add a specific flash banner for a specific page. ( nb. freelancer task is just to show us how to do that, we will do the job of putting them on in the right pages). This has to be controlled from the admin interface with options for changing the various aspects.
IMPORTANT: as a freelancer you had to provide within the work, a video capture of your work with voice comments on, about how to add flash on pages, so fluent english is a must for this job. Video capture is essential only for point2 and point3.

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3. Same as point 2 but with plain images (jpg,gif), this should be really easy.

Since we have have other websites with different wp themes, this could be the beginning of a long term collaboration for both side.

Reading posts on freelancer we noticed lots of copy and paste offer, so read al the project details and please mark your bid with WP theme to indicate that you have read all the job requirements.