These following colleges are affiliated with Punjab University Lahore.

Pakistan Institute of Commerce, Bilal Town, Jhelum
Govt. College for Women, Dina, Distt. Jhelum
Govt. Postgraduate College, Jhelum [ Hist: Ext. not granted for 2005-06]
M.A. Jinnah College of Commerce & Computer Science, Al-Bilal Building, G.T. Road, Jhelum
Wings College of Commerce, 4-Civil Lines, Jhelum
Govt. College for Women, Pind Dadan Khan, Distt. Jhelum.
Govt. College for Women, Jhelum
Jinnah Law College Near Kutcheri, Jhelum.
Govt. College of Commerce, Bilal Town, Jhelum.
Al-Beruni Govt. College, Pind Dadankhan, Distt. Jhelum
Govt. College, Sohawa, Distt. Jhelum
Govt. College. G.T. Road, Jhelum
Govt. Degree College, Dina, Distt. Jhelum

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