Have you people seen the announcement on notice board. INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE IN OSS PROJECTS.
I am also going in 6th semester of BSIt. What you people suggest? Check it and do post your comments.

Published On: Monday, September 07, 2009
Dear students, as you may know that VU is working on some OSS projects. Students are also invited to participate in these projects. Its purpose is to equip you people with some analytical and programming skills and tips by working with highly skilled persons of the community of selected OSS project(s).

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Students of BS (CS) and BS (IT) who are going to enroll in 6th semester in fall 2009 are invited to apply to participate in one of the following projects. You can avail the following benefits by participating in these projects.

VU would give a stipend of Rs. 1500 to students having 3.0 or more then 3.0 CGPA and Rs. 1000 to students having CGPA below 3.0.
The selected project would be your final project which the students usually take in the 7th semester as CS619. It means the students who decide to participate in one of the offered projects would not have to do a separate project as their final project to complete their degree.
Currently we are working on two open source projects: 1) Adempiere ERP and 2) Hipergate CRM