Question No.1

What is Taqwa?

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Taqwa means to cleanse or purify the heart and soul. In surah al Imran,Taqwa means steadfastness and patience and in surah Al Baqarah Taqwa means making peace among mankind.Taqwa also means GOD fearing and obeying all the orders.

Question No.2
Give an Example of Taqwa?

Following are the Examples of Taqwa

Question No.6
What are the four things we can do to increase our Taqwa?

Following are the four things:
(i)To abide by the decisions of Prophet(PBUH)
(ii)To act up to the injuction of shariah.
(iii)To refrain from prohibited acts.
(iv)To attain glory.

Question No.9
How can we avoid haram and doubtful things to exemplify Taqwa?

By doing salah,fastings and all aspects of ibadaah keeps us in state of consciousness of Allah keeps bewaring a person from haram and doubtful things.

Question No.4
What are the factors attaining Taqwa?

(i)Ikhlaas, sincere intensions that the act is performed purely for the pleasure of Allah, out of Love for Him, while hoping of His rewardand mercy.
(ii)To do the deed in accordance with the authentic Sunnah.
(iii)To have the necessary knowledge of Ibadaah.

Question No.8
Who is a true Mutaqee?

Mutaqee is the person Who is GOD fearing. GOD consciousness and being pious. Do justice is also nearer to piety.

Question No.7
What are the acts that can help you to simulate more and more Taqwa?

A person should be conscious of Allah that he is watching then the person would not do the things that are not pleasing to Allah.He should be surrenders infront of Allah and does what he is ordered to do and refrains of what he is told to keep away from.