Its a Windows Vista Compaq Laptop.
Last night, i think something got downloaded that shouldn't have. it was an ".exe" file and ever since it got downloaded i can't access the internet on either browser!! (it says "page is down").
When i realised what it is, i deleted it to the recycle bin, and have emptied the bin. but i still can't access the internet. Now theres this antivirus program that is showing up that i have never seen before, because i have Norton 360 instead. Is this Antivirus thing (not norton) the virus??????? If so how can i get rid of it cause i can't find it anywhere!!!!!!!!!! HELLLPPPP!!!!
The Laptop says im conected but i just can't get onto it!!!!
Now when i start up the laptop it askes me that i need an administrators permission to run some sort of program that has never shown up before.!!! Help!!! I really need help!!

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