Masters (MCS)
Semester NO 1
Course Code Title Type Credit Hours
CS201 Introduction to Programming Required 3
CS402 Theory of Automata Required 3
CS601 Data Communication Required 3
ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing Required 3
MTH202 Discrete Mathematics Required 3
STA301 Statistics and Probability Required 3

Semester NO 2
Course Code Title Type Credit Hours
CS301 Data Structures Required 3
CS302 Digital Logic Design Required 3
CS304 Object Oriented Programming Required 3
CS401 Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Programming Required 3
CS403 Database Management Systems Required 3
MTH603 Numerical Analysis Required 3

Semester NO 3
Course Code Title Type Credit Hours
CS619 Final Project Required 6
CS501 Advance Computer Architecture Required 3
CS502 Fundamentals of Algorithms Required 3
CS504 Software Engineering - I Required 3
CS610 Computer Network Required 3
CS614 Data Warehousing Required 3

Semester NO 4
Course Code Title Type Credit Hours
CS506 Web Design and Development Required 3
CS604 Operating Systems Required 3
CS605 Software Engineering-II Required 3
CS607 Artificial Intelligence Required 3
CS609 System Programming Required 3

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