BS (Accounting and Finance) 4 years From Virtual University of Pakistan is good. So take a look the course which is offered by university.
BS (Accounting & Finance)
Semester NO 1
Course Code Title Type Credit Hours
CS101 Introduction to Computing Required 3
ENG101 English Comprehension Required 3
MGT101 Financial Accounting Required 3
MTH302 Business Mathematics & Statistics Required 3
PAK301 Pakistan Studies Required 2
ETH201 Ethics (for Non-Muslims) Elective 1
ISL201 Islamic Studies Elective 1

Semester NO 2
Course Code Title Type Credit Hours
ACC501 Business Finance Required 3
ECO401 Economics Required 3
ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing Required 3
MGT211 Introduction To Business Required 3
MGT301 Principles of Marketing Required 3

Semester NO 3
Course Code Title Type Credit Hours
CS201 Introduction to Programming Required 3
ECO402 Microeconomics Required 3
MCM301 Communication skills Required 3
MGT201 Financial Management Required 3
MGT401 Financial Accounting II Required 3
STA301 Statistics and Probability Required 3

Semester NO 4
Course Code Title Type Credit Hours
ECO403 Macroeconomics Required 3
MGT402 Cost & Management Accounting Required 3
MGT411 Money & Banking Required 3
MGT502 Organizational Behavior Required 3
MGT503 Principles of Management Required 3

Semester NO 5
Course Code Title Type Credit Hours
ENG301 Business Communication Required 3
MGT601 SME Management Required 3
MGT603 Strategic Management Required 3
MGT604 Management of Financial Institutions (alt. code=BNK604) Required 3
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology Required 3

Semester NO 6
Course Code Title Type Credit Hours
ACC311 Fundamentals of Auditing Required 3
IT430 E-Commerce Required 3
MGT510 Total Quality Management (alt. code=MGMT510) Required 3
MGT520 International Business Required 3
MGT610 Business Ethics Required 3
PSY101 Introduction to Psychology Required 3

Semester NO 7
Course Code Title Type Credit Hours
FIN611 Advanced Financial Accounting Required 3
FIN621 Financial Statement Analysis Required 3
FIN622 Corporate Finance Required 3
FIN623 Taxation Management Required 3
MGT613 Production / Operations Management Required 3
STA630 Research Methods Required 3

Semester NO 8
Course Code Title Type Credit Hours
CS507 Information Systems Required 3
FIN624 Islamic Mode of Financing Required 3
FIN630 Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management Required 3
MGT602 Entrepreneurship Required 3
MGT611 Business & Labor Law Required 3
ACF619 Final Project- Accounting & Finance Elective 3
ACFI619 Internship Report-Accounting & Finance Elective 3

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