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Task Description:

You have been hired as Programmer in a Software Development Company XYZ. Company asks you to develop Health Management System of a Hospital. At the moment you are required to develop the system with following functionalities.

Patient Registration
Doctors Registration
Billing for Patient

Detailed Description:

Patient Registration
When a patient first time visits the hospital the first thing is to get him or her registered in the hospital information system. The patient is an entity with following attributes (patient id, patient name, patient -----, patient age, and patient address). A patient may be sent to outdoor or for admission to a special ward or a room. On the basis of initial prescriptions he or she is sent to the concerned Doctor.

Doctors Registration:
Hospital keeps record of all the doctors in order to have a prompt availability of all the doctors in any case. System stores following attributes of a Doctor
(DID,Doc Name, Doc Sex, Doc exp, Doc qualification, doc specialization)
A doctor does all the necessary actions in order to get the patient cured. For example Doctor checks the patient, prescribes the patient etc.

Billing to patient
When a patient gets discharged billing is also done by the system. The bill is generated on the basis of cure done to the patient. Billing is done on the basis of treatment done to the patient. i.e. out door patient and admitted patient.
It may be done on the basis of outdoor check i.e. patient only visits the doctor pays fee for doctor as well for tests if any.
If the patient is admitted, then billing is done on the basis of No. of days admitted and other charges i.e. operations / special procedures etc plus doctor fee.

Tasks you have to perform on the basis of above information

1. You have to identify the main entities (objects) and classes for this system.
2. You will have to find out the necessary attributes and functions that need to be associated with each object to implement the functionality mentioned above.
3. You have to find out the relationships between these objects, i.e association / aggregation and Composition.
4. You have to identify the inheritance among different objects / classes of the system.
5. You will make a final comprehensive object model showing all objects and their relations along with their attributes and functions.

You have to perform all these four steps give above in your solution file.

a. Use all concepts you have studied so far like abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, generalization, specialization, sub-typing and association to students.
b. You need not to worry about data types of attributes at this moment these will be considered in next assignments.

Drawing Final Object Model:

a. You can use any tool for drawing like MS Office or Visio.
b. Or you can use open source tool Argo UML (in that case you have to install java run time environment as well links to download and install both are given on the page)
You can install Java Runtime Environment directly from, ... ade_ie.jsp

Important things to consider:

1. As happens in real world that everyone visualize a problem in different way so the solutions of all students should be according to their own thinking not taken from some source.
2. As this is preliminary phase of our system so it is recommended that you identify as much objects and their relationships as you can (some of them may be eliminated in coming assignments).