Dear Students of First Term!

We welcome you here on this forum. Yesterday many students asked for the routine of 1st term and further requested for help. Here we are sending some suggestions for all of you.

VULMS. Please do visit daily at least twice on your VULMS for checking latest on lectures and opening of any new assignment/ GDB/Quiz etc. Also see announcements, and see you profile, fee and other important issues there.

MDB. Moderated Discussion Board. Itís meant to ask questions from your instructors and get answers. Please be respectful in choosing your words to the teacher. Be concise and to the point.

GDB. Graded Discussion Board. This is used for the test through discussion on a specific topic by the instructor/ teacher. Itís graded and must be answered in given time. Answer must be as per the prescribed rules to the instructor. Never copy and paste from here. It can earn you and the originator both Zero marks for forgery.

Online Quiz. Itís the most important activity. All subjects will have mostly 4 quiz in total, 1-2 before and rest after Mid Term. Itís graded and you have specific time to answer the questions. Here some help is also rendered by us, on line, for which we shall guide you later.

Assignments. These are also graded but some time they are non-graded. Non graded may/ or may not be submitted. But graded must be submitted in time. Never copy and paste from here. It can earn you and the originator both Zero marks for forgery.

Fee. Please submit your fee in time. Non payment in time would cause extra amount and also freeze of VULMS which also put you in problems as missing some of the assignments/ GDBs/ Quiz etc, thus you face the music.

Profile Update. Please do update profile like address and contact number etc.

Now the Study it Self. Well you all must have your books, with you. In CS101, Learn HTML, JAVA, etc, itís important for all students. This will be required till final exams too. Rest all is easy and you all can do it...

Style of Papers. Please remember that here almost 75 % papers is composed of MCQs and rest based on short and long questions. So remember that Mid/Final Term Papers are almost on similar lines.

Taking lectures. Each lecture is over 55 mins, and if you have time then you must study through it, or at least listen/ watch some of these which you find difficult. These all are available on YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. where you can watch and download also. For downloading you must have Real Player 11 Gold. It will enable you to download when start watching.

The study Plan. One requires average 30 mins time to completely study one simple lecture, or max 40-45 mins. So read and high light important lines as they come in MCQs.

Overall, the study is not difficult. Please go through all handouts carefully. All questions come from the same.

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We hope this help all students to feel relax and make their study plans.

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