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+92 (42) 99202174 Registrar's Office Phone Extensions Email Admissions Admission in Bachelor Programs 345 Admission in Master programs 344 Admission in MS-CS program 346 Admission in Diploma Programs 341 Admission in Deficiency Semester 347 Admission in Dual Degree program 345 Admission in Short Courses 341 Admission in Zero Semester 347 Admission in Specialization Certificate 341 Credit Transfer / Course Exemptions 342 Re-admission 345 Admission Cancellation/Security refund 347 Overseas Students Overseas student issues/Change of status 344 Course(s) Problems Course Selection/Add/Drop 343 Semester Issues Semester Freeze / Unfreeze/Continuation of studies 344 Student ID Cards Loss of ID card/Duplicate ID card 348 Student Miscellaneous Issues Change of study Program/change of discipline 342 Correction of Student name/address 347 DSL broadband internet connectivity 346 Issuance of Bonafide Certificate/ verification letter/Migration certificate 341 Receipt of NOC / Migration certificate of newly admit 345 MS (CS) student Issues 346 Study at home/Campus 346 Verification of student application for scholarship 341 Virtual Campus (Change/Complaint) Campus Change 346 For Campuses ONLY Campus CDs 346 How to become VU partner (Campus affiliation) 346 Closing / Cancellation of Campus 346 Correction/Change of Campus name & address 346 Campus Complaints 346 Registrar, VU 141

Department of Examinations Phone Extensions Email Direct Phone Line: 042-99204760 Date Sheet / Sign UP 354 Conduct of Local Examinations 359, 353 Conduct of Overseas Exams 352 Result Related Queries 357 Project Result 355 CGPA 357 20% Rule 357 Unfair Means/Misbehavior Cases 358 Rechecking of Paper(s) 359 Issuance of Two Year Transcripts 356 Issuance of 4 Year Transcripts 356 Issuance of Two Year Degree 351 Issuance of Four Year Degree 351 Issuance of Professional Certificates 351 Appointment/Payment of the Exam Superintendents
358 Problems related to
Appointment /Payment of the Superintendents
Delay in an exam related matter
Supervision of the Exam Dept.
152 Overall supervision of Exam Dept
Inordinate delay in processing various exam related cases
151 VULMS & Password Phone Extensions Email VULMS Issues 363, 261, 262 Password related issues 363 E-mail related problems 363 VU Bookshop Phone Extensions Email Bookshop 536 Issues related to Lecture CDs 535 Issues related to Lecture Handouts 535 Bookshop issues 536 Directorate of Finance Phone Extensions Email All issues relating to fee of BS / BA 335 All issues relating to fee of Masters 335 All issues relating to fee of MS 335 All issues relating to fee of Overseas 335 For rechecking, transcript, readmission ,zero semester etc. 335 For all refund/security releases. 335 For all PVC Matters. 335 Directorate of Finance

Academics Phone Extensions Email Final Project/Thesis/Internship MBA student Project/Thesis/Internship BS (CS & IT)/MCS/MIT Software Projects BS (Business Administration) student Project/Thesis/Internship BS (Mass Communication) student Project/Thesis/Internship BS (Psychology) student Project/Thesis/Internship BS (Accounting & Finance)student Project/Thesis/Internship BS (Commerce) student Project/Thesis/Internship BS (Public Administration) student Project/Thesis/Internship Academic Departments Department of Computer Science/IT Department of Physics Department of Mathematics Department of Statistics Department of Islamic Studies Department of Pakistan Studies Department of English Department of Management Sciences Department of Accounting & Finance Department of Psychology Department of Mass Communication Department of Commerce Marketing Department Phone Extensions Email Student Activities Curricular /Co-curricular Activities 391 VU - Alumni 391 Marketing Department Related Matters/Issues 291 Student Competitions 291 Project Director Marketing 181 Virtual Television Phone Extensions Email Cable operator problems 282 VTV Channels Reception/Transmission problem 282

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