Name :
Establishment :

September 24, 1998.
Introduction :

The Department was established in 1998.
Aim: to strengthen the learning of Pakistani languages and to empower National integration and linguistic harmony through teaching of Pakistani languages, literature and Culture.

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At the university level this is the first department in the country working for the promotion of Pakistan languages, culture and literature.
Objectives :

To teach Pakistani Languages at different academics levels.
To develop study of all Pakistani Languages and Literature.
To facilitate research in Pakistani Languages & Literature.
To develop understanding among teachers about the theoretical and practical implication of Pakistani Languages.

Future Plans :

1.Department of Pakistani Languages has prepared scheme of study for Ph.D Programme in Pakistani languages, approved by statutory bodies of AIOU.
2.Revision of two Sindhi courses, course codes: 213 & 318.
3.6 B.A level courses relating to literary history of Pakistani Languages are being launched in near future.
(i)History of Punjabi Literature.
(ii)History of Pashto Literature
(iii)History of Sindhi Literature
(iv)History of Balochi Literature
(v)History of Brahui. Literature
(vi)History of Saraiki Literature
- Bi-annual research journal of Pakistani Languages will published by the department.
- Preparation of seven Multimedia E-books for M. Phil Pakistani Languages and Literature programme.

Academic Facilities :

Internet facility is available in the department.

Postal Address :
Department of Pakistani Languages
Block# 08, 1st Floor,
AIOU campus, Sector H#8,
Phone :
9250071, 9250111. Ext# 7776, 7777, 7778, 7779
Email :