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I need Software Engineering I assigment solution.

Q: 1.
A company decides to develop a web site, which lets people buy and sell their software applications. This company works as negotiator between buyers and sellers and takes commission for this service. The company aims to develop this website user friendly.

You are required to study this idea deeply and prepare Functional requirement specification of placing online order module.

Note: Before writing the Functional specification, try to understand the domain by carefully going through some websites where online order placing is done.

Follow below mentioned assignment solution format.

Functional Requirements:
Placing Order module provide following functional requirements
FR01: Provide user name and real name

FR01-01 System shall get Username from user
FR01-02 System should check the availability of use name
FR01-03 System shall enable the user to see if user name already exists or not
FR01-04 System shall enable the user to see if user name is not an alphabet or empty
FR01-05 System shall get Real name from user

FR02: Provide password details

FR02-01 System shall get password from user
FR02-02 System shall confirm password from user.
FR02-03 System shall enable the user to see if password does not match

Similarly, you will study the above case study and derive functional requirement.

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