A separate department is required of Human Resource in Organizations.

  • To achieve the company goals by using different Human Techniques
  • All Organizations must need Human Resource department to utilize all resources efficiently and effectively and must make investment to develop Human Resource
  • To perform all the POLCA Functions

In an Organizations Human Resource Department Performs Various functions and each function, it self, is of great value and required much expertise for exercising. Man power of an Organization is most valuable assets. In modern age after the rapid change and new inventions in Technology which brought revolutionary change in the Progress and performance, Human resource factor’s importance raise. Some years ago organization doesn’t have any HR department and Admin department’s deals all kind of related to staff matters. But in recent years, organizations consider the key role of HR department in staffing, training and helping to ménage the people.
There are many functions performed by the Human Resource department. Some of the Core functions are given below.

1. Recruiting the right staff for right place to perform the POLCA (Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling). As manpower is like a machine for an Organization, in which right part will play the right job.
2. Analyze Training need Assessment of Staffs and make possible staff’s trainings.
3. Performance Appraisal Reports and award to them.
4. Preparing Manpower Budgets.
5. Give Orientations to new Staff and define the Job Descriptions of Staff.
6. Maintain Staff Database

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