I am directed to inform you that VU registered student who fail to avail student facilities (MDB, submission of assignments and participation in examination) and discontinue their studies without intimation to University, are not liable to pay outstanding dues for the period of their inactivity. Therefore, upon cancellation of their admission on their requests the security fee would be refunded under following existing University rule:

(a) Complete security fee is refunded in case a student applies within 30 days after last fee deposit.
(b) After the lapse of 30 days half security fee is refunded.
(c) No security fee is refunded if a student fails to submit security fee refund application after six months of last fee deposit.

However, student has to abide by following existing University rule in case of their re-admission:

“If a student fails to enroll in any semester without permission of the competent authority, he/she shall cease to be on the rolls of the University and in case he/she desires readmission, he/she shall have to apply for the same. Moreover, candidates seeking re-admission in the university will have to pay re-admission fee of Rs.1000/- (for local students) and $ 50 ( in case of overseas students) as prescribed by Executive Council of the University”.

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