DUE DATE: MAY 13th, 2010 TOTAL MARKS: 20

“Key External Factors”
“As you have studied about external and internal factors in an industry analysis. Your job is to identify only the key external factors (Threats and Opportunities) of Virtual University of Pakistan. You should point out at least 10 Opportunities and threats of Virtual University. Furthermore your points should be in a bullet form and avoid any further explanation. “

Answer :
Following are the Key External Opportunities for VU to growth and progress in the business environment.
• Governmental based Entity
• Government approved.
• Accredit and internationally recognized
• On board Experienced Teachers.
• Organized network and staffing.
• Stable educational Program, inclusive of online books, lectures & handouts.
• Fast Growing & Emerging Customer needs (enormous youth population)
• E-based Expanding global markets
• Flexible schedule (e.g. 24 /7 availability of system)
• Comparatively Low Fee and other charges.

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The possible threats for the VU with respect to the external environment that poses a danger to its well-being.
• Threat of New competitor
• Foreign influence (many on-line international universities)
• Funding will constrain educational reform.
• Current law and policy has not kept up with reform objectives
• Lack of funding will constrain appropriate staffing
• Many Unfunded mandates
• Lack of flexibility (example- charter schools have more flexibility)
• Deficiency of staffing.
• Requirement of updated Books and handout.
• Lacking in new educational programs in line with customer need.